Dave Meltzer

December 18, 2017

Dave Meltzer is the creator of the Wrestling Observer and the pre-eminent wrestling journalist in the world today! Take a listen to a different side of Dave as we chat about all the sporting events he went to as a kid, who and what got him interested in professional wrestling, San Francisco 49er Leo Nomellini, the comparison between the evolution of sports and wrestling, will the NBA surpass the NFL, concussions in pro sports, Pancrase vs UFC, and of course, some amazing wrestling talk! Dave recalls some amazing memories and tells of some great memories from his childhood. Take a listen, and enjoy my chat with Dave Meltzer!


Rip Rogers

December 15, 2017

"The Hustler" Rip Rogers returns to talk wrestling psychology, training, road stories, being mentored and on the road with Randy Savage, working with Ric Flair and Dick Murdoch, and an in-depth chat about the subtleties, intricacies, and working aspects of pro rasslin". Rip also talks about shooting hoops with Randy Savage with the University of Kentucky Wildcats, taking batting practice against a major league pitcher, playing against the Harlem Globetrotters, playing one on one with Curly Neal, and how he ws a Washington General for a day! A podcast unlike any other, and a different side to one of the most knowledgable and top trainers in the world today!


Tank Toland

December 14, 2017

Former WWE, OVW, and ROH star Tank Toland joins the show for a rare and fun chat! We talk his ups and downs on the WWE main roster, our time in OVW, Ring of Honor, working with Larry Sweeney, Seth Rollins, Ceasaro, coming up in the Northeast indies and of course, fantasy football! But first, we're rejoined by Flex Rumblecrunch who's now crying tears of joy after his Miami Dolphns pulled off the biggest upset of the NFL season on Monday night vs the Patriots....enjoy!


A Car Ride With Johnny Idol (Part 2)

December 10, 2017

We're back with the second part of our car ride with the "Egomaniac" Johnny Idol! Plus week 14 DFS, football talk and a great chat with a New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer...enjoy!!!


Conrad Thompson

December 7, 2017

Hey hey, it's Conrad Thompson!!! One of the most popular podcast hosts anywhere joins the to show to talk Alabama football, Alabama vs Clemson, the argument against Ohio St. not making the BCS top four, the NFL, Rafael Palmeiro and his love for the Patriots....yes the Patriots! Conrad delivers an awesome explanation of how he became a Pats fan and how quickly we forget the ultimate American underdo they once were. Then, we get into Conrad's specialty...pro rasslin'! Hear how Conrad started watching, what drove him away as a young teen and then how the NWO, a ring in a swimming pool, and ECW pulled him back in. Outside of the Bullet Club, Conrad and the two showshe co-hosts, Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard and What Happened When with Tony Schiavone, are the hottest fan experiences in wrestling today. Hear about his journey and our mutual love of pro wrstling and sports...enjoy!!!


A Car Ride With Johnny Idol. (Pt. 1)…but first, My Mom!

December 2, 2017

Johnny Idol is one of the most well-respected Northeast Indy wrestling performers of the past 20 years. Jon is a great friend and someone who helped me immensely ealry on in my career and to this day. Join us as we're on the road and we chat during the car ride about a number of topics such as the Red Sox, pro wrestling, sports, winning and losing and more! Those of you outside of the Norhteast might not be familiar with Johnny, but one listen to part one of our chat on the way to our show, and I know you'll instantly become a fan! But first...my MOM is back with her take on, what else, the Celtics! We also chat about our Thanksgiving, her Christmas decorations and delve deeply into the time I almost got arrested and imprisoned when I was only 16. Yes, a very special after school edition of ILMWIGP with my Mother. Check it out and I know youll enjoy the story as well as getting to know "the Egomaniac" Johnny Idol!


Rob Conway

November 28, 2017

"The Ironman" is a former 3-time WWE tag champ, 2-time NWA World Heavyweight champ, 2017 NPC Mr. Indiana Men's Physique winner, and has been a wrestling big brother to me. Both being on the Raw brand, we travelled, trained, and lived wrestling 24/7. But now, Rob and I cget to chat about his fantasy football teams, playing and wtching sports,working out and dieting, andBOWLING??!! Rob has been in the ring and worked with almost every major name of the last 15 years and is a fountain of wrestling knowledge. We chat about his start, working 167 times his first year in the business, Memphis, getting bionic elbowed by Dusty Rhodes, taking the Claw from Kevin Von Erich, and getting "Superflyed" by Jimmy Snuma...all in the same night! Amazing stories from truly one of the nicest guys guys in the business, take a listen to "The Ironman" Rob Conway!


Editor of the Kingston Whig Standard, Jan Murphy

November 24, 2017

Jan Murphy is the editor and a columnist for the Whig Standard, the oldest daily newspaper publication in all of Canada. He's also an avid sports fan and fantasy sports owner and part of two baseball and football leagues I'm in. Growing up outside of Toronto, Jan couldn't help but be a huge wrestling fan and has his own website today, chinlock.com. Jan talks with me about football, his Blue Jays, HOCKEY TALK for the first time on the show, House of Hardcore, his upcoming charity show and why he drove 15 hours in one day to bring Tommy Dreamer Tim Horton's donuts! Jan is one hell of a great guy and enjoyable to speak with. Take a listen and get to know Jan, his love of sports, wrestling and, of course, all thngs related to hockey-enjoy!


“Smart” Mark Sterling Returns!

November 21, 2017

Wait...what...who? Yes, our long lost friend and good buddy Smart Mark Sterling is back to catch up on aaaaaaaaalllllllllll the stuff thats gone on since we last spoke. The new legal advisor for Maxwell Jacob Friedman and former Create-A-Pro champion talks NFL week 11, his fantasy teams, wrestling, selling yourself to promoters, working hard on social media, and oh yea, more football! Take a listen as we reunite for a fun chat and catch up on a hectic and crazy NFL season!



November 17, 2017

Week 11 doesn't begin with a bang, but rather a huge explosion of awesomeness with a stacked lineup! First, MY MOM is back to discuss the Celtics, goings on in New England sports, her daily routine, and Thanksgiving. Next, we check back in with JOEY EASTMAN to check on his fantasy team I drafted, his sons love of the Ultimate Warrior and goings on in pro wrestling. Finally, we've saved the biggest guest for last as we welcome the fnal piece of the Devesttion Corporation, MAX SMASHMASTER! Max chats about his HUGE match at Chikara this weekend, his plans for the future, territorial wrestling and does an impersonation of...me??? Yuppp, so take a listen! You wont be disappointed and it's a fun, enjoyable way to kick off your weekend-enjoy!!!