(Ep. 18, Romeo Roselli)

August 14, 2017

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh....He's Romeo, Im Antonio and finally, the Heart Throbs re-unite!!! Romeo Roselli makes his long awaited appearance on the show and he holds nothing back when talking about his beloved New York Mets! We also touch on  sports injuries, athletic training, staying in top physical shape in your 30's, the Red Sox, the upcoming football season and so much more. Check out the Heart Throbs like you've never heard them before...talking sports! It's a fun, insightful interview that we know you will enjoy. Check it out and see how truly great it is to live a Heart Throb life!


I Left My Wallet in Greg Polanco (Ep 17, Grims Toy Show)

August 6, 2017

Antonio, Mark and special guest co-host Flex Rumblecrunch welcome YouTube sensation and all-around nice guy Grim, from the wildly popular Grims Toy Show! Antonio and Flex speak with Grim about his multiple shows and their origins, how he broke I to wrestling, and his amazing action figure collection. But before, Antonio and Mark talk about the recent happenings in Major League Baseball, fantasy football conundrums, and Antonio's latest voyages  and travels.  He also tells of his protogé, Thomas Santell, and his recent matches. A fun listen as always with a great insight into fantasy happenings and the YouTube phenomenon and awesomely talented person that is Grim-check it out!


I Left My Wallet in Greg Polanco (Ep 16, Nick Newell)

August 4, 2017

This week, "Smart" Mark Sterling sets up an interview between Antonio and MMA Star, Notorious Nick Newell.  They talk about him being ringside as a kid for wrestlemania in Hartford with Pam anderson and Jenny McCarthy, how he loved diesel, when he arm wrestled Kerry Von Erich, wrestling in college and his mma career.  This guy is an inspiration!


I Left My Wallet in Greg Polanco (Ep 15, Tommy Dreamer)

July 25, 2017

Fantasy sports gets extreme as Antonio welcomes good friend TOMMY DREAMER! The innovator of violence talks the leagues he and Antonio are both in, a trade offer the Promise didn't respond to, Adam Jones, our favorite baseball players and the time Romeo almost crippled Tommy! Antonio and Mark also talk Gregory Polanco's latest trip to the dl, Kyrie Irving and liberties being taken by certain "professional" wrestlers. Finally, out segment of the week features Antonio's longtime league mate and fan of the show JODY! Jody talks about their wild football league and the characters in it, his NL team, and his brothers Boy Scout pic. A wild and wacky show as usual and a super fun listen-check it out!


I Left My Wallet in Greg Polanco (Ep 14, Flex Rumblecrunch)

July 17, 2017

"SMART" MARK STERLING is back! He and Antonio are reunited and your ears will feel so good! They discuss Antonio's trip to Miami as he attended the MLB home run derby and All-Star game. They then go in depth on the Conor Mcgregor/Floyd Mayweather press tour including Antonio's thoughts on what people are saying. The focus then shifts to second half breakouts and buy low MLB players to target and we talk some FANTASY FOOTBALL! Finally, Flex Rumblecrunch is back talking about the newest additions to his burgeoning wrestling figure collection. A jam packed show that gets your Monday started with a smile and some laughs and great fantasy insight and opinions!


I Left My Wallet in Greg Polanco (Ep 13, Lenny Melnick)

July 15, 2017

This week Antonio's good friend and FSWA and FSTA fantasy sports Hall of Famer Lenny Melnick joins the show! Lenny was among the first fantasy personalities to appear on national television, and, in the early '90s, among the first to host a fantasy-focused radio show which introduced Antonio to the world of fantasy sports. He was an original member of LABR and Tout Wars, and a title winner in both. Lenny has appeared on many sites and media outlets, including FantasyPros911, SiriusXM, This Week In Baseball and has his own daily podcast and site on Lennymelnickfantasysports.com. Lenny shares his incredible knowledge of pro wrestling dating back to watching as an 8 yr old in Brooklyn on Friday nights. He tells of his love for the Graham Brothers, Madison Square Garden shows, Pat O'Connor, Buddy Rogers and more! Plus he and Antonio talk second half MLB breakout players to target! Join Lenny on an amazing trip down memory lane in this incredible pisode unlike any other!


I Left My Wallet in Greg Polanco (Ep 12, Slyk Wagner Brown)

July 1, 2017

Catch up with some baseball with Antonio Thomas as he starts off the show this week with some fantasy advise.  Next we visit again with Antonio's Mom to hear her thoughts on Lavar ball and a few other things.  Finally, Antonio sits down with Slyk Wagner Brown as they chat sports and wrestling and Slyk tells his story.


I Left My Wallet in Greg Polanco (Ep 11, NBA Draft Recap with Matt Striker)

June 24, 2017

Antonio welcomes back friend and former WWE Superstar/commentator AND Lucha Underground lead play-by-play announcer Matt Striker! Antonio and Matt recap Thursday's NBA Draft, talk the huge Jimmy Butler trade, Lonzo and Lavar Ball, and of course,his beloved Knicks. We also hit on some fantasy baseball and reminisce about the 80's and 90's sports scene. As always, a fun filled episode you dont want to miss!


I Left My Wallet in Greg Polanco (Ep 10, Rollie Allen)

June 18, 2017

Smart Mark is back for this HUGE episode featuring his wrestling manager/heater "The Dean of Discipline" The Stallion, Rollie Allen.  Antonio and Mark start out by talking some injury notes, some call ups and discuss a few trades, some good, some bad.  Antonios Mom is back this week wrapping up the NBA playoffs and then in the Main Event Antonio AND Mark talk to Rolie about his love for the Yankees, his disdain for Mets fans and the Jets organization and how he came to love baseball.  Also, What did Tommy Dreamer say about wrestling The Stallion in a garage?  Find out in this episode!


I Left My Wallet in Greg Polanco (Ep 9, Simon Diamond)

June 12, 2017

This week we have ECW legend Simon Diamond on for our second interview!  Antonio start out by taling baseball and is joined shortly after by his good friend and co-worker Chris to talk about what it's like to work with a WWE "Hall Of Famer."  Then, in the main event Antonio speaks to Simon Diamond about the season so far, his fantasy team, Van Halen and their mutual dislike for Sammy Haggar and the Celtics vs. Lakers 30 for 30.