WWE Costume Maker Sarath Ton

February 12, 2018

WWE Costume designer and maker Sarath Ton wrestled for years as Kid Mikaze on the northeast indy scene. He was a fixture in the Northeast and also appeared on Raw, NXT, Ring of Honor, and in the Super 8. However, you see his work every week on Raw and Smackdown in the form of the amazing gear he makes for the WWE Superstars. Sarath is also somebody I trained with at the beginning of our careers. We had our first matches together, our first road trips together, and practiced and trained together 3-4 times every week. "Smart" Mark Sterling also trained with myself and Sarath almost from the very beginning. Join us as the three of us discuss our the first time we met and why Mark hated me. We also talk aboout our first match, an eventful weekend in Vermont, training, Celtics, Patriots, life on the independent scene, marketing and branding yourself, and Sarath's amazing rise to the top of his profession. The three of us take a trip down memory lane and also talk about the present and what the future holds. Come along and take a listen to a fun chat with one of the most important, yet unheralded, members of the WWE, Sarath Ton...enjoy!


The Wrestling Observer and Pro Football Oustider’s Vincent Verhei

February 8, 2018

It's football, football, and more football...and a little wrestling...with Vincent Verhei! Better known to wrestling fans as Vinny V, he's a writer for Pro Football Outsiders and is the co-host of the Wrestling Observer's Bryan and Vinny Show with former show guest Bryan Alvarez. Usually you'll hear Vinny talking current and classic wrestling or reviewing Attitude Era Raw and Nitro, but now is your chance to hear Vinny talk his other love, football! We touch on what his hometown Seahawks need to do to bring back the Legion of Boom and protect Russell Wilson, his most overrated players, where Kirk Cousins might end up, Joe Flacco, Blake Bortles, the Josh Mcdaniels situation and where that leves the Colts, his love of Brie Bella's theme music and the Wrestlemania 2 battle royal, the battle of the Empire, and a whole lot more! I could talk football with Vinny all day and in this episode we just scratch the surface. Check out a side from Vinny you don't usually hear and enjoy my chat with big Vinny V!



February 8, 2018

Boston based Esoteric is one of the most succesful independent hip hop MC's of the last 20 years and has been at the forefront of the Boston music seen during that time. Whether it's with his DJ 7L, with Vinnie Paz in Army of the Pharaohs, or with 7L and Wu-Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck as the supergroup Czarface, Esoteric is always releasing fresh new material and staying on the cutting edge of the underground scene. I had a chance to chat with my favorite MC and talk our love of Boston Sports, wrestling, the similarities between wrestling and hip hop, the artistry involved in each, stepping inside the ring himself with the Chikara crew, knowing John Cena before wrestling, and more! Esoteric tells of his love of the current Celtics team, Brad Stevens, Kyrie Irvng, meeting Reggie Lewis on the playground in Boston, his love of wrestling growing up, going to the Crockett Cup '87 in Baltimore, the Road Warriors, Remco action figures, growing up an 80's kid, and how he's incorporated his love of sports, wrestling, cartoons, and super heroes into his music. In a day when independent wrestling is at an all-time high, it was an honor to speak to a man who has truly been the definition of independent artist. Enjoy my chat with MC Esoteric!


Frank Catalanotto

February 5, 2018

Frank Catalanotto was the definition of "professional hitter" during his 14 year Major League career, most notably with the Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays. Frank compiled a fantastic .291 career batting average, including hitting a career high .330 with 15 stolen bases in 133 games for Texas in 2001. Frank was one of the most valuable and dependable players in the game having played every position on the field, except for center field and catcher, and leading the American League in pinch hit at-bats in 1998 with Detroit. On May 1, 2004, against the Chicago White Sox, he set the Blue Jays record for hits in a game, going 6 for 6 in the second game of a double-header. Catalanotto personified hustle, heart, commitment, and work ethic during his career. Join me as I chat with one of my favorite players as we discuss his childhood, getting drafted by the Tigers, working his way up to the major leagues, the importance of Larry Parrish in his career, playng with Alex Rodriguez, how he thinks former teammate Alex Cora will be as Boston manager, his approach to playing and pinch hitting, and much more from his career. Since retiring in 2010, Frank has been succesful and active in teaching hitting to youngsters, playing for Team Italy in the WBC, coaching for the Italian National Team and writing his own book, "Hustle and Heart". Most importantly, Frank is a husband and devoted father of four who is an honorary chairman for the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation, and is the chairman of the Frank Catalanotto Foundation. Enjoy my chat with former Major Leaguer, Frank Catalanotto!


Super Bowl Reactions and Recap with MY MOM

February 4, 2018

She's back after a crushing loss for Patriot Nation. After predicting the Pats would win 24-17, my Mom is back on the show to give her thoughts on why New England lost, the Patriots defense (or lack thereof), Malcom Butler, Tom Brady, the two questionable Eagles touchdown "catches" and more. She also discusses her favorite and least favorite commercials, the halftime show, Ronda Rousey in the WWE, the Celtics comeback win vs the Trail Blazers and more! Another fun, mini-bonus episode to wrap up an eventful Super Bowl with my Mom:)


Super Bowl Predictions with my MOM!

February 3, 2018

She's baaaaack! It's a mini-bonus episode with MY MOM!!! Hear her prediction and thoughts on Super Bowl 52, Tom Brady, the Celtics, her coffee group and "hear" her roll her eyes at my Dad! It's a fun, little Saturday bonus episode before the big game, so check it out and enjoy!


Eddie Edwards

February 2, 2018

"Die Hard" Eddie Edwards has held the Ring of Honor, Impact, and NOAH GHC World championships, in addition to a countless number of titles over the past 16 years in a career that is still as strong as ever today. The Boston native and I came up on the indepenedent scene together in New England in the early 2000's and both share an immense love for all things New England sports. Eddie and I talk about the Celtics season, trade rumors, the greatness of Brad Stevens, Tatum and Young, and all things Celtic Nation. Then we talk Super Bowl 52, comparisons between Bill Belichick and Greg Popovich, Tom Brady, Tom vs Time, Tony Dungy's delusional opinions on Tom Brady and the Patriots dynasty, and more. Finally we talk wrestling and the former Impact champion discusses the new regime and positive changes in Global Force Wrestling, how his training and recovery has changed over the years, workouts, our love of 2CW, the 2CW experience, road trips, and much much more! It was great catching up with a good friend and amazing talent whose come a LONG way since we both started out at Killer Kowalski's in 2001. Enjoy my chat with one of the best in-ring performers of the past decade, "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards!


Bryan Alvarez

January 31, 2018

Hoooooow's it going EVERYBODY?!!!! Bryan Alvarez is the creator of Figure Four Online and, along with Dave Meltzer, runs the Wrestling Observer. Bryan also hosts  Wrestling Observer Live weekdays on Sports Byline USA, shows on Sirius radio, is the author of "Death of WCW" and is one of the forerunners in the wrestling radio and podcast genre. Bryan is another very good friend I've met through the wrestling industry and we touch on a wide array of topics. We chat about the Royal Rumble, his thoughts on the XFL, his love of CHOPPIN", memories of Buddy Wayne, and...sports? Yes! I get Bryan to talk aboout sports...well, a little anyway! Join us in this fun chat with one of the most well-renowned radio and journalism personalities in wrestling. Take a listen, and in Bryan's own words, I think you'll find it AWESOME!


Sean Grande

January 28, 2018

Sean Grande is the radio play-by-play voice of the Boston Celtics and a HUGE lifelong wrestling fan. Sean was also the lead play-by-play announcer for Bellator and we talk about why he decided to leave, his phiosophy of calling the action, Jimmy Smith, and what philosphies he took from pro wrestling into his broadcasts. Then the conversation turns to wrestling as Sean and I discuss the first time we met at a Ring of Honor show and his beginnings as a wrestling fan. Sean discusses finding Vince Mcmahaon's phone number in the phone book, being there live for an AWA title change, going to NWA shows as a teen, becoming a Wrestling Observer subscriber and his memories growing up. We also discuss the current product, CM Punk, should Daniel Bryan make an in-ring return, New Japan, broadcasting and having dinner with JIm Ross and so much more! Sean is one of the best play-by-play announcers in any sport and as knowledgable and passionate a wrestling fan as there is. Listen to Sean's journey growing up and his opinions on the current product in a fun chat with Cedric Maxwell's main tag team partner. Enjoy a chat with Sean Grande!


Simon Dean

January 24, 2018

Most of you know him as Simon Dean. Myself, independent wrestling fans and ECW hardcores know him best as Nova. However, Giants and Eagles fans infamously know him as Mike Bucci...Dallas Cowboys fan. Whichever name you call him by, Simon Dean is here to spew venom on the Eagles, their fans, and their chances in the Super Bowl. AND, he calls out some notable Eagles fans! We then chat about being a lifelong Cowboys fan, the Dallas-49er rivalry, visiting Jerry World for the first time, standing on the Dallas star at midfield, Jimmy G, why the Legion of Boom is done, free agency, the Patriots dynasty, and more! Finally, we wrap up talking about Nova's amazing fantasy football league and why I should be in it this year. I've known Nova for 14 years and we have a great, candid chat that must be heard. All the Super Bowl trash talk you've been yearning for is right here, so sit back and enjoy!